The .327 Martin Meteor wasn’t the result of careful planning or performance
objectives.  It had even less to do with wanting a 32 caliber wildcat.  
Instead it's linked to boredom and the need to kill time one afternoon.  Let
me explain.  In December 2008 my parents and I were getting ready to
attend a neighborhood Christmas party.  We were almost out the door
when mom decided to be fashionably late.  She asked for 15 minutes so
naturally we obliged.  That’s when dad posed a simple, but very pointed
question:  “So what’s with this 327 Federal thing?  I saw it on the cover of
American Rifleman”.  I described it as a 32 Magnum lengthened 0.12” for
use in small-to-medium frame revolvers.  He yawned.  I further explained
how it’ll fit in Single-Sixes and post a few hundred fps over the H&R.  I even
quoted ballistics, something along the lines of 1,600 fps with an 85 grain
bullet.  His mocked another yawn and fired back with “So they reinvented
the 32-20 Winchester, huh?”  My answer rattled between yes, no, and sort
of but not really.  That’s when he got down to brass tacks.  “OK, so what’s
the fastest 32-cal fired out of a revolver, commercial or proprietary?”   I
thought for a couple of seconds and said the 327 Federal.   He smiled and
his eyes peaked.  “Well, we should change that”.  
Two or three parent cases were thrown around and they all would be bottle-
necked. The 30 Streaker was one candidate as was our 375 Atomic stepped
to 32.  Undecided, and with 10 more minutes to waste, we hit the loading
bench.  Boxes were opened, rounds were eyeballed, and “Cartridge Case
Dimensions” was pulled from the book shelf.  Then I picked up a 357
Magnum hull and thought I was on to something.  “Too short”, dad replied.   
I then suggested 357 Maximums trimmed back to 1.40” plus.  We had
consensus.  Dad chucked a 32 neck-sizer into his press and we shouldered a
Maximum.  A quick mic job on a Blackhawk frame landed us at 1.45 - 1.50"
for case length depending on the bullet.  "Draw it up tonight.  Your mom is
calling and we have cocktails to consume".  The .327 Martin Meteor was
born that fast.